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Quality Control Manual

Quality Control Manual


Quality Control

Quality Control for the Owner Builder is about managing the building processes so that you are satisfied with the quality and consistency of the finished project. Quality Control is a set of procedures designed to ensure that quality standards and processes are adhered to, and that the final product meets or exceeds performance requirements. Quality Control covers activities including design, planning, materials supply, labour supply, installation and servicing as well as proper documentation. Quality Control assures the existence and effectiveness of procedures that attempt to make sure - in advance - that the expected levels of quality will be reached. Many methods can be enlisted to accomplish these goals including:

  •  Using controls to monitor problem areas, and work immediately to reduce or eliminate them. Control generally includes sampling and testing product at random, measuring tolerances and correcting issues before they become widespread or worsen.
  • During construction work, the pace of activities requires the Owner to coordinate and control Trade Contractors and Suppliers on a daily basis. Very quickly there arises a need to record what happens and who is responsible for correct or incorrect work. The Quality Control Manual will help you to keep on top of these potential problem areas.
  • Video recording and still photographs are also important methods to authenticate whatís happening. This accomplishes two things: first, it lets people know youíre serious about correcting the situation; second, it allows you to review details in their original condition and share the problem with others. Both points are vital to honest, open communication leading toward project accountability. If the problem isnít solved, your pictures and diary will become a factual basis for explaining the problem at any legal hearings.
  • Ensuring a Quality Control focus throughout the project from pre-planning to completion.

The Quality Control manual is designed to:

  1.       Provide routine and consistent checks to ensure material and labour quality and completeness
  2.       Identify and address errors and omissions
  3.       Document and record all Quality Control activities



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