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owner builders page

  1. Find a Builder/Subcontractor

        Check the local newspaper, Phone Book, Internet

        Look around in your neighbourhood for Builders signs on projects or vehicles

        Seek referrals by friends

        Seek referrals by the Draughtsman or Architect

  1. Questions To Ask The Builder/Subcontractor

        Ask for information on his current project.

        Ask for information on completed projects.

        Ask for addresses of projects.

        Ask for any references.

         Visit the completed or current jobs.

         Create a short list of builders or subcontractors to submit prices, say 3.

  1. Quotes (Check that all have priced every detail)

        Does the information include a clear and detailed description?

        Does the information include clear and detailed written specifications?

        Does the information include a list of inclusions (fixtures, fittings and finishes)?

         Is the information in a simple to follow format?

         Does the information include the type of contract you plan to use?

  1. Comparing Quotes

        Is the format of the information and specification easy to follow?

        Will the format make it easy to compare the builders prices?  It will be very difficult to campare prices if each quote has not priced exactly the same scope of work.

        Check project, trade or professional references.

        Check any credit references.

        Check for relevant experience.

        Consider which Builder/Subcontractor will give you the best service for the price.

  1. Final Decision

        Determine the preferred Builder/Subcontractor.

        Are there any inclusions you want to add to the contracted work?

        Are there any items you want removed from the contracted work?

        Are the conditions of consent from Council included in the contract?

        Have you agreed on a schedule of rates for any future variations?

        Have you obtained legal advice on the contract before signing?



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